SchuyLines Content


How is SchuyLines different from The Odessa File?

The Odessa File deals with stories of what’s happening on a daily basis, what’s happening now. SchuyLines is by contrast a features website, offering stories of an often timeless nature. The stories might be based on occurrences long ago, or they might involve a look behind the scenes (say at the personality and achievements of a local leader) or at an ongoing phenomenon (say the regional growth of the wine industry).

How often will SchuyLines be updated?

There will be no set time frame. There will be additions on an irregular basis, but often enough to warrant repeated visits to see what is new. The Odessa File will promote additions of significance.

How is the material determined?

The editor and publishers will determine much of the subject matter, but advertisers will be providing stories about their businesses or fields of operation, and we will be receiving story ideas and stories from various contributors. If you are interested in sharing any of your writings, photogaphy or videos, let us know.

How can SchuyLines be contacted?

We can be contacted by using the “Contact Us” button along the left-hand side of every page or e-mailing us directly at

Is there a basic philosophy to SchuyLines?

Yes. It is designed to celebrate all things Schuyler, ranging from History to People to Business to Education to Government to other subjects — in short, all that makes Schuyler County what it is today. This will be done in an upbeat way, with the website serving as a cheerleader for the county and its tourism industry.